A new plan could make our favorite sci-fi films a reality. Netherlands-based architecture and urban design practice MVRDV — in collaboration with Airbus, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, ETH Zurich and Systra — have formulated a plan for the future of “urban air mobility.” 

The project envisions how humans might integrate flying vehicles into our urban environments as a holistic mobility concept. It’s all centered around what MVRDV calls “vertiports” — fancy landing hubs that connect the new aerial network with existing ground-based transportations systems, such as trains, subways and buses. 

“As cities become denser and technologies improve, it becomes increasingly clear that the truly three-dimensional city—one that includes flying vehicles—is surely one of the city models of the future,” said Winy Maas, founding partner of MVRDV. 

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Could Flying Cars Actually Happen?
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